‘Coffee is their passion. As one of Australia’s most highly
regarded specialty roasters, they’ve always had one simple goal:
creating the best and most sustainable coffee in the world

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Standard house blend for milk-based coffee.

This full-flavoured blend is decadent and smooth, designed for everyday drinking. It is the perfect coffee for chocolate lovers.


Standard for our black coffee. Option to have milk based.

ONA has an impressive Single Origin rotation. We use these high end, expertly roasted beans for our long blacks and espressos.
Ask our staff which blend we have on offer.


Premium Organic Tea - $6

English Breakfast Tea 

An ode to fine lipped china, mild English manners
and the warmth of the breakfast. 

Earl Grey Tea

The undeniable elegance of black tea imbued with citrus bergamot.

Sencha Green Tea

A celebrated Japanese whole tea leaf infusion.
Feel as fresh as a dewy mountain morning.

Pure Peppermint 

Nature's answer to an after-meal mint.

Rise & Shine Tea

 Entice wakefulness with a cup of spritely sweet lemon ginger zing.
Perfect for the early bird or those needing a little incentive.

Chai High Tea

Be enveloped in the well-rounded warmth of a time honoured ritual.

Chamomile Days Tea

Subtle and serene, a floral reverie in a cup.