‘Coffee is their passion. As one of Australia’s most highly
regarded specialty roasters, they’ve always had one simple goal:
creating the best and most sustainable coffee in the world

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Standard house blend for milk-based coffee.

This full-flavoured blend is decadent and smooth, designed for everyday drinking. It is the perfect coffee for chocolate lovers.


Standard for our black coffee. Option to have milk based.

This blend offers a unique sensory experience with an intense aroma,
sweet berry notes and a rich creamy texture.


An eco-conscious, local boutique tea merchant - $6

 Organic English Breakfast  

Full-bodied, robust and rich. Served black or with your choice of milk.

Wild Earl Grey

Light bergamot flavour enhanced with a sweet hit of pink grapefruit
and wild bee balm. Served black or with your choice of milk.

Pure Peppermint 

Pure, fresh and of the highest quality.

Blueberry Sencha Green Tea

Delicious yet vitamin filled treat for your body.

Chocolate Coconut Chai

Indulgent, luxurious & perfect for sweet tooths.
Served brewed on your choice of milk.

Gingerbread Chai

Fiery & warming, like a fresh loaf of gingerbread straight from the oven.

Served brewed on your choice of milk.

Prana Sticky Chai - $7

Premium black tea, whole spices and ginger coated in 100% Australia
pure honey. Served brewed on your choice of milk..